Most of the login nodes are having high disk (IO) load currently mostly due to copying process going on.

You can find less busy nodes by the following workaround:

 module load pdsh
 pdsh -w login[1-5] uptime
login2: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 18 users, load average: 4.62, 4.55, 3.98
login3: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 7 users, load average: 2.47, 2.96, 2.89
login1: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 9 users, load average: 16.21, 11.97, 13.34
login4: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 13 users, load average: 0.68, 0.31, 0.21
login5: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 8 users, load average: 40.72, 35.99, 23.38

In this example login4 is less busy and login5 is totally overloaded, you can ssh to login4 and try working on it.

We will see what we can do to decrease effect of the file transfers on the interactive user sessions. As a general rule we can recommend to you to run file transfers at night to decrease disk load on the login nodes interactive sessions.

There is a planned maintenance on the electric power line in the server room for the 25th of September. Therefore Hexagon, related file systems and storage enclosures has to be taken offline.

The maintenance is scheduled to start at 20:00. According to plan, Hexagon should be back by the end of the day.

Running jobs will be stopped. All scheduled jobs in the queue will be started automatically when the system is operational again.

Update 20.09.2017: Please note the time change. The maintenance window has been moved from Saturday, 23rd of September to Monday, 25th of September 20:00.

Update 26.09.2017: UPS maintenance is over yesterday night, and we have a problem to take hexagon online due to some filesystem storage issues. We are working on it and we apologize for inconveniences.

Update 26.09.2017:  Hexagon is up and available again since 09:08 AM.

Update 14:00_26.09.2017: Hexagon work file system crashed unexpectedly, we are working on it. sorry for inconveniences.

Update 14:40_26.09.2017 Hexagon has to be taken down due to hardware issues related to work filesystem. We try to resolve problems as soon as possible.

Update 16:40_26.09.2017 Hexagon is back online again. problem with work filesystem is resolved.

Due to physical rearrangements in the server room the tape robot hosting /migrate and /bcmhsm will be unavailable today after 12:00 for several hours. Updates will be posted here.

Update 2017-09-11:

Uni Computing is experiencing troubles with the backend holding /migrate and /bcmhsm and it is unknown yet when this will be fixed. As these file systems were supposed to be already decommissioned earlier this year in June, we will not mount those back in ordinary place even after the file systems are healthy. However, we will finish transfer of IMR/HI files as it was agreed as soon as the filesystem is healthy. We will issue a separate update for this.
Other users  than IMR/HI needing files from those file systems are advised to contact Uni Computing helpdesk at

On Friday, 25th of August maintenance on electric lines in the server room will be carried out. Therefore Hexagon must be switched off.  All related file systems (/work, /work-common) will be also off.

The maintenance will start at 07:00 and according to the plan should last until 13:00 o'clock.

During this time work-common will not be available on  Grunch .

  • 25.08.2017 07:00: Maintenance has started.
  • 25.08.2017 12:50: Storage controller issues are delaying startup of the machine. We are working on the fix.
  • 25.08.2017 15:05: Storage controller issues were remediated. Some disks are rebuilding for /work-common filesystem, thus performance impact might be expected for a couple of days.
  • 25.08.2017 15:20: Hexagon is up again.