migration of Data on cyclone and clients 27 May

Dear users of cyclone and Ubuntu,

A large part of the data under /Data/ is being migrated to the central IT department storage place. To finish the migration, this Tursday between 9:00 and 15:00 paths below /Data/ won't be accessible all the time (or at least not writable).

Hereafter, on both the Ubuntu clients and on cyclone, all your files are still available under the regular /Data/gfi and /Data/skd paths you're used to. On Windows the new locations will be as follows:


For your convenience, you can map each to a drive letter by following this HOWTO.

On the Wiki there is more detailed information on GFI & SKD Storage.

Feel free to contact us via hjelp.uib.no if you have any questions.

Update 28.05 : The data migration is finished and all Linux and Window paths with the new destinations should be accessible.

Best regards,

The IT department and the Scientific Computing Group