Configuration changes

We have upgraded the SSH server on hexagon to address some security issues.

If you can not log in anymore using your SSH key, but only password, please check the content of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file for entries like from="" and change the hostname to IP address. Starting with this version only IP addresses and not host names may be used in the authorized_keys file.
Edit: authorized_keys file provides fine tuning for client access. If you would like to find out more about it, you may read sshd(8) man pages.

DSA key types are not considered safe anymore and we will phase them out soon. A new syslog entry will be added in the following days with more information about it.

Due to several bugs in the queuing  system, affecting mostly OpenMP jobs,  the nodes and the ppn directives are deprecated.

The new way of submitting OpenMP jobs is covered on the HPC docs site, available here:

Have you any question on how to change your script please contact us.

Scheduler system on Hexagon is not well working with mppdepth directive.

Due to increased usage of OpenMP on the machine we had to stop supporting mppdepth. 

The new way of running OpenMP is as simple as it was before with mppdepth.

Updated documentation on how to run an OpenMP job you can find here
Have you any question on how to change your script please contact us.

Work file system on fimm cluster is taken down due to misconfiguration of GPFS file system.

We are working on correction of configuration , will keep you updated.

10/11/2011 Work file system is back online with more space (3.7TB)

Update 11/11/2011

We are balancing data on different disk on work file system since we added new disk to work file system, this is creating load on GPFS file system on fimm, which means the operation related to file system is going to be slow, we are expecting this balancing process will finish during the weekend.