Cyclone and Grunch downtime 4th February

Dear Cyclone and Grunch users,

We plan to have downtime Thursday (4th February) from 10:00 to 14:00. Both cyclone and grunch will not be accessible for users during that time.

Leo will be down, /shared filesystem which is exported via Leo by smb and nfs will also be down and inaccessible.

We have to replace the core switch.

Downtime is anticipated, exact time slot can be changed or extended, we will keep you updated here.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via  

Update 22:20 08.02 : Due to technical reasons our last attempt to replace the core switch was not successful, we will try again Tuesday 09.02 at 17:00, we have to take down the whole system , expected downtime is about 2 hours, all servers should be online before 19:00 the same day, we will keep you updated.

Update 18:40 09.02 : The maintenance takes longer than expected. We expect an additional 2 hours downtime, i.e. until 21:00 tonight.

Update 20:35 09.02 : The maintenance takes longer than expected. As a consequence Cyclone and Grunch are not available until tomorrow. We try to make them available again in the course of Wednesday. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 00:30 10.02: The maintenance is finally over and we have successfully replaced  old switch to the new one, all services should be online, please contact us via if you discover any problem.