Hexagon: scheduled maintenance, Mon. Feb. 8th

Hexagon will have a scheduled maintenance on Monday Feb. 8th from 13:00 to approx. Tuesday late evening Feb. 9th.
The following operations will be performed during maintenance slot:
* Base software upgrade from CLE2.1 to CLE2.2
* Optimization of /work filesystem metadata
* Hardware maintenance
The queue have a reservation in place such that only jobs that can complete (according to asked for walltime) before the maintenance will start.
This note will be updated when we have more information.

NB! Users are encouraged to recompile all binaries after performed maintenance. This is due to a new CLE release.

Update: We will try to start maintenance at 12:30 instead of 13:00 since only few jobs are running.

Update: 09/02/2010 21:25 Maintenance finished. Hexagon is online.
Please remember to recompile all your programs!
Before contacting support please be sure that you have recompiled your code, this will speed up your case processing.