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Update 23.05.2018 15:19 File system issues were solved and mounted back to both Hexagon and Grunch. Access to is reopened.

There is a scheduled downtime for Hexagon and /shared file system for Wednesday, 23rd of May. Scheduled downtime will start at 09:00 and we expect to have the systems back by 16:00, same day.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this downtime can give you.

  • This is a significant upgrade and some binaries are not compatible anymore, thus before opening support case please recompile your code.

  • Older compilers will have to use the following compiling recipe:

    module swap cray-mpich cray-mpich2
    module swap cray-libsci cray-libsci/12.2.0
    module load craype-barcelona

  • Only current version of PGI will work without using the above mentioned recipe.

  • xt prefixed modules are deprecated and replaced by cray prefixed modules.

    - replaced by

  • Cray CCE is not working currently because of missing license. We are in contact with the vendor.
  • System maintenance is still ongoing, during the whole day today.

    Update 2014.11.25 18:00 Due to unexpected behaviour during update we regret to inform that the maintenance has to be extended. Will will come later with further updates.

    Update 2014.11.25 21:27 We have to postpone opening of hexagon due to issues with the scheduling system. We are working tightly with Cray to fix this issue.

    Update 2014.11.26 20:33 Issues with the job submission system requires us to delay opening. It well can be that system will not be opened before next week. We try to fix it as soon as possible.

    Update 2014.11.27 11:24 The majority of issues were resolved and Hexagon is now available. One of the main remaining issues is interactive job submission, which will be handled during next week, without stopping machine for an extra maintenance.