Problems with HSM/Backup-server

There is a problem with the HSM/Backup-server jambu. /migrate and /net/bcmhsm is down. We are investigating.

Update: 15:15 We are waiting on external support to upgrade/fix the firmware on this machine. It is unkown when we will get the machine up again. Possibly tomorrow.

Update: Friday 11:00 We are still waiting for a part to the machine from abroad. Estimated time of arrival was yesterday afternoon - but it still has not arrived yet.

Update: Friday 15:00 The message from the transport company used by the vendor is now that they will not be able to deliver the part until Monday. Unfortunately, this means that HSM and backup will be unavailable until later in the day on Monday 16.

Update: Monday 14:45 The HSM/backup-server jambu is now up again and /migrate and /net/bcmhsm works.