Hexagon crashed today around 09:30, We are working on resolving the problem and taking up hexagon.

12:45 Update :  hexagon is up, but we have hardware problem with fileserver which is 
                             providing work file system.

Most of the login nodes are having high disk (IO) load currently mostly due to copying process going on.

You can find less busy nodes by the following workaround:

 module load pdsh
 pdsh -w login[1-5] uptime
login2: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 18 users, load average: 4.62, 4.55, 3.98
login3: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 7 users, load average: 2.47, 2.96, 2.89
login1: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 9 users, load average: 16.21, 11.97, 13.34
login4: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 13 users, load average: 0.68, 0.31, 0.21
login5: 11:05am up 14 days 19:06, 8 users, load average: 40.72, 35.99, 23.38

In this example login4 is less busy and login5 is totally overloaded, you can ssh to login4 and try working on it.

We will see what we can do to decrease effect of the file transfers on the interactive user sessions. As a general rule we can recommend to you to run file transfers at night to decrease disk load on the login nodes interactive sessions.

We will have a planned maintenance on Hexagon, starting on May 22nd at 09:00 AM. The maintenance is expected to last one day.
During the maintenance we will carry out software and firmware upgrades as well service the hardware.

The job submission system has reservation in place, thus jobs which are not able to finish before maintenance start, will not be started.

/work-common will be unavailable during the maintenance period and will be unmounted from Grunch and Fimm.

  • 2017-05-22 09:00: Maintenance has started.
  • 2017-05-22 14:16: /work-common is available again and remounted on Grunch.
  • 2017-05-22 15:59: Maintenance has finished and access to Hexagon is re-opened.

UNINETT Sigma2 is organizing a Software Developer Course for the new HPC-system.

We are pleased to inform you that there will be a second HPC-course this autumn in Trondheim, at 30 November - 1 December, respectively. 
Registration is open at 

Please refer to the announcement on www.sigma2.no for further details.