We will need to do a scheduled maintenance (firmware upgrade) of the disksystem for /net/bcmhsm (for users from BCCR symlinked from /migrate) and /net/bjerknes1. Note that /net/bcmhsm is mounted as /bcmhsm on fimm.

/net/bcmhsm and /net/bjerknes1 will be unavailable on Monday 15. from 09:00 to 11:00 (if all goes well possibly earlier)

Update (11:00): /net/bcmhsm and /net/bjerknes1 is now up again. The downtime was also used to apply a security update on the backup-server (where /net/bcmhsm is).

The HSM filesystem for Bjerknes /net/bcmhsm - mounted from jambu - (NB: symlinked for some from /migrate) is currently not accessible on tre,to,en due to a nfs-hang that seems to be related to a nfs-client bug. We are looking into the problem. It could be that we have to reboot some or all of the machines to clear the nfs-hang. For urgent access to files: contact and we will get the files from backup.